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Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023!

Well the time has come when we get to slow down a little before we rush off into a new year of growing at Sunscape!

Our greenhouse & the Garden Shoppe is closed until January 14th, 2023. Our family is taking some time to catch our breath, relax & just be us.

Come January, we kick off the growing season into high gear, with months of preparation in front of us, as we prep for another busy Spring Season.

We are working on some new changes for our business, and one of these is the updated website and additional features such as this blog. Change is a good thing, and its crucial in the survival of running a business. I am looking forward in the growing changes for Sunscape!

So Welcome to Growth, to new changes, a new Year and endless possibilities!

Happy New Year!

Happy Gardening

the Barreira's

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