Stepping Stone Workshop
Spring 2007
Water Gardens
Picking Grapes!
Pansy Bowls
Releasing Ladybugs
Our Table at the Farmers Market
10th year!
Ladybugs Christmas!
Fairy Gardening!
Shade Hanging Bags with Impatiens
Paris Market sweet!
Praying of the hundreds
baby Mantis
...take time to smell the flowers!
Frizzle Sizzle Pansies
one of the pollinators!
Our kids are our biggest helpers!

Spring 2016

working hard!

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we grow hundreds of hardy lilies!

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Strawberries in a Hanging Basket
We start them young!
Grapes anyone?
Bonsai landscape
School Tours!
Christmas centrepieces on order...
Proven Winners, a big part of our Be
Wall Art
Christmas decor
growing Poinsettias for Christmas
Our Ladybug Girl!
Teardrop Terrarium
the Bloomin' Bus!
Mini Hobbit Garden
Bright & Beautiful
Tree lot in early May
Lettuce production
Young helpers are always welcome!
Cabbage garden...
First Fruit in Spring!
Dirt Therapy!
Who can resist the waterhose?!
Broken pot miniature gardens